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Directory of Parliamentary Committees and CSOs
PILDAT Online Directory of Parliamentary Committees, Civil Society and Research Organisations
Parliamentary Committees are seen as vital to the work of Parliaments. They serve as powerful channels to promote transparency and accountability in a Parliamentary system of government. Committees are one of the most important mechanisms by which legislatures hold state institutions accountable, question executive policies and investigate issues of public concern. Parliamentary committees provide the opportunity to a group of MPs for more detailed investigation and discussions on an issue, review policy matters or review bills more closely than would be possible by the entire chamber.

Parliamentary Committees are referred to as “Parliament at work” while the plenary is called “Parliament at exhibition”. Due to a variety of reasons, chief among which is lack of institutional stability and growth due to derailing of democracy, Parliamentary Committees in Pakistan have not been able to maximise their potential and performance. Within the structure of Parliament, non-availability of research resources and weak linkages with Civil Society expertise are the other major cause for lack of optimum performance. Parliamentary Committees in Pakistan need to develop strong linkages with the Civil Society and Research institutions in order to improve their efficiency and performance. Furthermore, mechanisms and strategies need to be developed for access to research information for these Committees in order to assist them in improving their performance.

PILDAT Online Directory of Parliamentary Committees, Civil Society and Research Organisations has been prepared to fill this gap and serve as a resource tool for the Parliament to facilitate the use of professional research sources in addressing issues relevant to the Committees. It is an attempt to promote the formation of more purposeful linkages between Parliamentary Committees and the Civil Society.

This directory attempts to give information of all standing committees of the Parliamentas well as of the Provincial Assemblies of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Punjab and Sindh. No standing committee has been elected in Balochistan Assembly after the General Election 2008, therefore it is the only legislature whose committee information does not appear in the Directory.

PILDAT has attempted to ensure that this directory is as complete as a dynamic document like this can be. The organisations focussing on at least any one of the following categories have been included in the directory:

  1. Produce credible research work that can help the Parliamentary Committees
  2. Research centres associated with universities in Pakistan which produce credible research that can be used by the Parliamentary Committees
  3. Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that are associated with research or study in policy-related issues/matters that are relevant for use by the Parliamentary Committees
Due to devolution process after the 18th Constitutional Amendment, various Ministries, Provincial Departments and their associated Parliamentary Committees are undergoing a number of changes. Therefore the information presented in the Directory may change in the short term. Users of this Directory may access the Legislatures’ websites for latest information. The website addresses of the Legislatures are given below:

  1. The Senate of Pakistan: www.senate.gov.pk

  2. The National Assembly of Pakistan: www.na.gov.pk

  3. The Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: www.pakp.gov.pk

  4. The Provincial Assembly of the Punjab: www.pap.gov.pk

  5. The Provincial Assembly of Sindh: www.pas.gov.pk

How to Use this Online Directory
You can use this online and dynamic version of the PILDAT directory in the following ways:

  1. Standing Committees of each legislature are available under the headlines of Parliamentary Standing Committees that lists Standing Committees of the Senate of Pakistan, Standing Committees of the National Assembly of Pakistan, and Special Committees of the Parliament. Similarly under the heading of Provincial Standing Committees each provincial legislature of Pakistan is listed carrying its Standing Committees such as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh. Please note that no standing committee has been elected in the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan Assembly after the General Election 2008, therefore it is the only legislature whose committee information does not appear in the Directory.

  2. By clicking on a committee by subject/title, you can view the list of relevant organisations/institutions corresponding to a committee

  3. Another way to see committees paired with relevant organisations/institutions is to click on Civil Society/Research Organisations that will open up an alphabetical list of all relevant organisations listed in this directory. Each organisation carries list of relevant national and provincial committees of the 6 Pakistani legislatures

  4. A Matrix listing Standing Committees of 6 legislatures and relevant Civil Society/Research Organisations is also available that provides an overview of subject-wise pairing of committees with relevant organisations.

  5. The entire directory can be downloaded in a PDF version for your ease. It is also converted for use as an E-book for compatibility with E-readers

  6. Organisations listed in this directory who wish to modify their information can fill the online Info Modification Form and submit it online. PILDAT team, upon review, will modify the required information in the online directory

  7. Organisations wishing to list themselves in the directory can provide their relevant information by filling out the form under List Your Organisation and submit it to PILDAT online. Information received thus will be duly made available online as part of the directory after review. Please note that PILDAT reserves the right to include information or modifications

  8. Your feedback and review is always welcome. Please write to us by filling online the Feedback Form

  9. We wish the users of an easy and comfortable experience of browsing and utilising this PILDAT Online Directory of Parliamentary Committees, Civil Society and Research Organisations. In case you experience any difficulty, please email us at PILDAT or reach us by (+92-51) 111-123-345 (Extensions: 103 & 126).

Directory of Parliamentary Committees and CSOs
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