The information carried on these webpages is mainly based on the information collected from individual MNAs by PILDAT through data forms. In addition, we have also relied upon the information provided by the secretariat of the National Assembly, especially for the addresses, contact numbers and party affiliations of the MNAs.

PILDAT has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of contents. However, it is not responsible for any omission or error since it is not deliberate.
 Despite all precautions on our part, admittedly, there will still be room for improvement. We will appreciate users' feedback and suggestions for improvement. Some of the information contained in this searchable directory is dynamic in nature and is expected to change with time.
 If you are an MNA or official of the National Assembly and wish to add/modify some information, please fill out the
Data Modification Form and submit it. Alternatively, you can also e-mail this form to info@pildat.org.