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Download YPP 2014 Standing Committees Reports:
Madrassa Education 2014: Challenges and Reforms
Report prepared by Standing Committee on Education and Youth Affairs
Energy Trade Policy: CASA 1000, Electricity Import from India, Coal Project in Assistance with China
Report prepared by Standing Committee on Energy
Tax Reforms in Pakistan
Report prepared by Standing Committee on Finance, Economic Affairs and Planning
Pakistan’s Trade Relations with India: NDMA, Challenges, Way Forward and Implications
Report prepared by Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs
National Policy for Internal Security
Report prepared by Standing Committee on National Security
Status of Religious Minorities in Pakistan
Report prepared by Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights
Pakistan Delegation completes Study Visit with a Focus on Local Governance and Local Democracy
Copenhagen, February 27: The Pakistan Delegation concluded a 4-day Study Visit to Copenhagen by focusing on the system of local governance and democracy in Denmark. The day included visiting a public school and interacting with teachers and students, visit and interaction with Hvidovre municipality mayor, interaction with an upcoming political party and understanding the local government system. ............Details

Youth Delegation Interacts with the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and Youth Political Wings
Copenhagen, February 26; The Youth delegation visiting Copenhagen on a Study Visit spent the 3rd day in interactions with the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and the Youth Political Wings. .............Details

Pakistan Delegation Interacts with Danish MPs and Committees at the Folketing
Copenhagen, February 25; The Pakistan delegation spent the day interacting with the Danish MPs and Committee Chairs at the Folketing - the Danish Parliament, focusing on the Parliamentary system, Committee system and interacting especially with the Chairs of the Danish Foreign Affairs, Climate, Energy and Building and the Finance Committees, among others. ...............Details

Pakistan Delegation kick-starts Study Visit in Copenhagen with Briefings on Danish Democracy and Electoral System
Copenhagen, February 24; Pakistan delegation consisting Members of National Assembly and the Youth Parliament Pakistan began the Study Visit in Copenhagen, Denmark with briefings on the development of the Danish political system, Danish democracy and the Danish electoral system...............Details

Pakistan Delegation visits the British Parliament
London; February 23; A Delegation of 5 Members of Youth Parliament Pakistan alongside 2 Members of the National Assembly of Pakistan visited the British Parliament today as a part of the Study Visit to the UK and Denmark..............Details
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