Youth Cabinet 2014 takes Oath; Youth Parliament Standing Committees Develop Plans of Action for the Parliamentary Year   6th Youth Parliament Pakistan Launched
Youth Parliament an ideal Forum to understand and accept ethnicities, language and cultures of all Pakistanis
Islamabad, June 27: The concluding day of the first session of the 6thYouth Parliament Pakistan (2014) saw Youth Prime Minister announcing the Youth Cabinet................>> Details   Islamabad, June 26; Youth Parliament provides an ideal forum to learn and accept that there exist different prisms, ethnicities, language and cultures in Pakistan. ...............>> Details
Discrepancy between Accumulated Revenue and Government's Expenditure is one of the Reasons of Failure of meeting the Fiscal Targets of Successive Governments: Mr. Nohman Ishtiaq, Management Consultant with Ministry of Finance   6th Youth Parliament Pakistan (2014) Meets for its Inaugural Session
June 25, Budget deficit due to discrepancy between accumulated revenue and Government's expenditure is one of the reasons of failure of meeting the set fiscal targets of successive Governments, said Mr. Nohman Ishtiaq, on the third day of the inaugural session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan (2014)..........>> Details   Islamabad, June 24; The inaugural session of 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan 2014, began this Monday and will continue over the course of five days until June 27, 2014...........>> Details
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