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PILDAT Dialogue Group on Civil-Military Relations

  1. Civil-Military Leadership should demonstrate cohesion
  2. CCNS should at least meet on fortnightly basis
  3. PM should appoint a full-time Defence Minister

The Dialogue Group on Civil Military Relations convened by PILDAT noted with concern that the Civil Military relationship in Pakistan in recent weeks has suffered a set back for various reasons. At a time when the country faces critical internal and external challenges, the leadership of both Civil and the Military institutions needs to secure and demonstrate cohesion, mutual trust and respect............>> Details

Balance Between Tough Anti Terrorism Legal Regime and Respect for Human Rights Must Be Maintained by the Parliament: PILDAT Forum

April 10; Speakers at the Public Forum on Protection of Pakistan Bill, 2014 remained divided on whether the PPO 2014 should be promulgated in its current form or it should be amended to uphold respect for human rights...........>> Details

Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan
Monitor: March 01, 2014 - March 31, 2014

National Assembly Defence Committee receives Briefing from the ISI
In a welcome development, the newly-functional National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence invited the ISI to brief the committee on national security situation..........>> Details

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Joint Strategy to Control Militancy and Pak-Afghan Conflict Resolution post-2014
December 2013
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Pace and Progress of Pakistan-Afghanistan Official Dialogue
December 2013
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Implementation Status on Recommendations From the Pakistan-Afghanistan Parliamentarians Dialogues Since 2011
December 2013
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Parliamentary Oversight Mechanism Required to Oversee Implementation of National Security Policy
PILDAT Public Forum

Two day Workshop for the Honourable MPAs of Sindh and Balochistan ends in Karachi
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18th Amendment is a Landmark Constitutional Amendment: Jan Muhammad Jamali, Acting Governor of Balochistan
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