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71 % Pakistanis Support Holding of Local Government Elections Nationwide

Quality of Democracy in Pakistan - Public Confidence is High

PILDAT Releases Score Card on Quality of Democracy in 1st Year of Federal and Provincial Assemblies based on Nationwide Survey
September 08; A substantial 71% of Pakistan's population says that holding Local Government elections nationwide are somewhat to very important. Only 27% of the country's population believes that holding these elections is not very important or not important at all.................>> Details

Download Report [PDF]
Governance Track-Record - Public Negativity Remains High
PILDAT Releases Score Card on Quality of Governance in 1st Year of Federal and Provincial Governments based on Nationwide Survey
September 02; Over the past 1 year, the Pakistani public has been able to see glimpses of the Federal Government's policy agenda and initiatives for improved governance in the country. However, results indicate that the Federal Government's efforts have been unable to register significant improvements in governance.................>> Details

Download Report [PDF]
Resolution of Political Issues must within the Constitutional Framework
Lahore, August 28, 2014; Constitutional framework has to be the basis of resolution of all political issues, and any tinkering with Democracy will be fatal for the country, believed participants at a PILDAT Citizens Forum on Quality of Democracy in Pakistan. ................>> Details
PILDAT demands early constitution of the Commission on alleged poll rigging; expresses dismay and surprise at the delay
August 23; On August 12, 2014, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had announced in a nation-wide televised address the formation of a Commission of Inquiry comprising three judges of the Supreme Court to investigate Mr. Imran Khan’s allegations about rigging in May 2013 general election.................>> Details

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